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  Linear Vibration Motor Aging Unit  Type BK2019A

Image: BK2019A Linear Vibration Motor Aging Unit
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BK2019A Aging Unit
Your Specially Designed Coupler


► Single Purpose

► Easy to Use

► Portable and Stackable

► Easy Setup and Configuration

► Can be Situated Almost Anywhere


► Aging

► Product  Testing

► Quality Control

Image: BP2019A Linear Motor Ager

The Linear Vibration Motor Ager:

The BK2019A Linear Vibration Motor Aging Test System was designed to test your linear vibration motors for long term reliability. It can test 20 DUT’s at one time and you can stack them easily so you can test hundreds of DUT’s simultaneously in a small space. This is a great machine to ensure your product will do its job for it's expected life. To find out more, email me here.


     LCD : Setup Menu, Test Status Display
     Dial-Key: Setup & Test Operation
     LED : Test & Short indicator per channel
     Port: 10 Channel Power Output Connector Port
     Channel: 2 Port – 20Channel

 Signal Generator
     Frequency Range: 20-22000Hz
     Frequency Resolution: 0.1Hz
     Signal Type: SINE, Log Sweep Sine(Up, Down),
          Linear Sweep Sine(Up, Down)
     Sweep Time Range: 0.1-10 Sec
     Sweep Time Resolution: 0.001 Sec

 Power Amp
     Volt Range: 0-6 Vrms
     Frequency Resolution: 0.1Hz
     Power : 0.7W per Channel
     Channel: 20Channel

     Continue Aging
     ON-OFF Aging Test
     User Define Sequence Aging Test
     Real Time Manual Generator

     Open – Short Detect
     Aging Test Count